Understanding the CFPB’s Expectations through Enforcement

Once a quarter, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau publishes a report of actions it’s taken to enforce compliance matters across the spectrum of consumer finance products. This report, called Supervisory Highlights, often contains valuable insights into how the Bureau is collecting, interpreting and acting on the data it collects. And according to Director Richard Cordray, […]

Regions Bank Overdraft Protection Violations

Overdraft Protection Violations: A Check-in for Compliance Officers

In April the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau announced that Regions Bank had signed a Consent Order regarding Overdraft Protection violations. While overdraft programs are not exactly front burner issues for most compliance officers, there are some noteworthy findings in this case that compliance officers would do well to give some consideration. Overdraft Protection Violations After […]

Consumer Compliance & Fair Lending Trends: Kansas City Federal Reserve

Beginning on April 7, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City will hold a series of forums to discuss several regulatory compliance hot topics including trends in consumer compliance. The recently released Powerpoint presentation provides some insight into the Fed’s supervisory focus for the coming year. (You can view the presentation here.) The forums will be […]