Fair Lending Compliance ServicesPreiss&Associates offers a full-range of fair lending services, which are listed below with links to each of our product description pages. If you would like to speak with a fair lending professional about your institution’s specific needs or have questions, please contact us here.

Fair Lending Risk Assessment

Select this analysis product to determine the fair lending risk in your product portfolio.

Marginal Effects

This analysis product can help your institution determine the denial probability associated with an applicant group in underwriting.

Credit Decision Monitoring

This analysis uses regression analysis to monitor underwriting decisions in your institution’s credit portfolio.

Credit Price Monitoring

When evaluating your institution’s pricing decisions for mortgage loan, consumer loan and home equity line/loan portfolios, consider using Preiss&Associates Credit Price Monitoring™ regression analysis.

Indirect Auto Credit Decision Monitoring

Preiss&Associates uses regression analyses to monitor institutions’ auto credit application portfolios using the same procedures applied by regulators during fair lending exams.

Indirect Auto Price Monitoring

With these regression analyses, Preiss&Associates assists financial institutions and captive finance companies review of their pricing decisions across their customer base.

Loan Servicing and Loss Mitigation Monitoring

Through this service, Preiss&Associates helps institutions monitor their foreclosure activities to identify any disparate treatment or disparate impact issues.

Credit Decision and Price Monitoring for Small Business

If you are interested in testing for unintended differential treatment in the credit grating or pricing processes of your institution’s small business loan portfolio, explore the benefits of this regression analysis product provided by Preiss&Associates.

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