Are you thinking about hiring Preiss&Associates, LLC. for your fair lending needs? Check out these testimonials from some of our former and current clients.


“Relying on Preiss&Associates to perform statistical analysis allows us to focus our time, limited resources and expertise on analyzing the output and understanding any resulting anomalies. In assisting Preiss&Associates to build the database for analysis, we gain insight into our application, underwriting and operating systems without injecting our institution’s bias or impairing the objectivity of the output. Preiss&Associates focuses on what it knows best and we focus on what we know best; it is a great partnership.

“Preiss&Associates is very flexible in facilitating different forms of statistical analysis when output necessitates a different slice of the data. We also gain anonymous advice from our regulator that allows us to be as prepared as we can be for examinations.”

Senior Vice President
OCC Bank


“Preiss&Associates has provided the foundation for our fair lending statistical analysis that not only meets our internal needs, but also satisfies our regulator’s requirements. The ability to work directly with Rick and his individualized custom service results in a true collaborative and objective process with meaningful results at a fair price. Preiss&Associates is truly a valuable partner and provides us the tools we need for our fair lending statistical analysis.”

Vice President – Compliance
OTS Bank

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