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The following links are provided for easy access to various industry associations as well as federal agencies/regulators providing resources for fair lending risk assessment, modeling and statistical information.

Downloads from Preiss and Associates

What about Redlining? Learn more about redlining, Reasonable Expectation Market Areas and statistical analysis to support mapping in this PDF presentation.

An Introduction to Marginal Effects for Fair Lending Institutions: This PDF presentation covers how and why an institution should use Marginal Effects to reduce fair lending risk.

Narrowing the Exceptions: Presented at the OCC Fair Lending Conference, this PDF presentation covers a risk-based process to optimize fair lending monitoring.

How Model Risk Management Can Play a Leading Role in Compliance: Learn more about model usage and current trends in compliance.

Marginal Effects–You may not know me, but your regulator does! Published in ABA Bank Compliance, this article provides a primer on using marginal effects in fair lending analyses.

How to Assess Redlining Risk by Analyzing Peers: This article published in Bank Compliance discusses how a bank can asses its redlining risk by analyzing its lending practices in comparison to its peers.

Downloads from Fair Lending Sources

ABA Fair Lending Toolkit: Members of the American Banking Association can take advantage of a number of free resources.

CFPB Supervision and Examination Manual: Available on the CFPB’s website, this manual describes the CFPB’s examination procedures for providers of consumer financial products and services.

FFIEC Home Mortgage Data Database: This searchable database includes information on nationwide mortgage applications, originations, purchases and sales of loans, denials and other application-related actions.


American Bankers Association

Consumer Bankers Association

Federal Agencies or Regulators

Comptroller of the Currency

Department of Justice

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Federal Trade Commission

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Department of Housing & Urban Development

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