How Can Marginal Effects Help You?

What are marginal effects? In credit decision analyses, marginal effects are a measure of the difference in denial probabilities. For example, suppose the denial probability of a Hispanic applicant was determined to be 66%, but if that same applicant was White, and his/her denial probability was found to be 50%, the marginal effect for the […]

Redlining: A Compliance Officer’s Primer

In today’s regulatory environment, most compliance officers are keenly aware of the fact that redlining is one of three 2017 foci for the CFPB and probably for the prudential regulators as well.  The purpose of this article is to highlight the key elements in any redlining analysis and thereby make it easier for compliance officers […]

Peer! Peer! Who Is Your Peer?

The Fall 2016 edition of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s Supervisory Highlights devoted several pages to the topic of redlining. Some of what the CFPB had to say about fair lending was not new—for example, that “redlining is a priority area in the Bureau’s supervisory work” or that “redlining is a form of unlawful lending […]