Redlining: A Compliance Officer’s Primer

In today’s regulatory environment, most compliance officers are keenly aware of the fact that redlining is one of three 2017 foci for the CFPB and probably for the prudential regulators as well.  The purpose of this article is to highlight the key elements in any redlining analysis and thereby make it easier for compliance officers […]

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Fair Lending Regression Analysis: Some Frequently Asked Questions

­Fair Lending Regression Analysis: Some Frequently Asked Questions Whether you use regression analysis in your fair lending monitoring program or you are thinking about using it, a few regression related questions are asked regularly. This blog will discuss four of the more popular questions. What data do I need? Depending on whether you are going […]

Learning from the OCC’s Semi-Annual Risk Perspective Report

Last Friday the OCC released its Semi-Annual Risk Perspective report. A key finding of the report is that increased competition among financial institutions has resulted in increased credit risk due to the weakening of underwriting standards as well as the increased layering of risk in credit products such as indirect auto lending. In this environment, […]