CFPB Releases Complaint Data by State

Recently the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau released a special edition of its monthly complaint report that provided a unique look at the way the Bureau compiles national data on the complaints it receives. Since July 2015, the CFPB has released monthly reports that summarize the complaints it collects on consumer financial products including credit cards, […]

Understanding the CFPB’s Expectations through Enforcement

Once a quarter, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau publishes a report of actions it’s taken to enforce compliance matters across the spectrum of consumer finance products. This report, called Supervisory Highlights, often contains valuable insights into how the Bureau is collecting, interpreting and acting on the data it collects. And according to Director Richard Cordray, […]

Changes Are Coming to Small Business Lending

In the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s Annual Fair Lending Report released earlier this year, the CFPB announced it is close to finalizing rule changes regarding the collection and reporting of data on small business lending. “Because small businesses are the backbone of our economy,” Patrice Ficklin, director of the office of fair lending, said in […]