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Fair Lending & Compliance Professionals,

Welcome to the Preiss&Associates. Founded in 1992, we are a Chicago-based Fair Lending Risk Management and fair lending consulting firm that specializes in providing custom, expert and cost effective solutions for fair lending compliance issues. We offer services to our clients in three ways, by:

  • performing custom fair lending risk assessments and statistical analyses for small and large institutions;
  • mentoring institutions that choose to perform their analysis in-house, but need assistance in the fair lending risk assessment and modeling process; or
  • collaborating on software input/output with institutions wanting to maximize the value of their statistical software.

Preiss&Associates has extensive experience in the monitoring of mortgage, indirect auto, home equity, other consumer credit and small business portfolios in all types of consumer markets. We are committed to satisfying the distinct needs of each client, regardless of size.

Preiss&Associates’ monitoring services help financial institutions monitor their underwriting, pricing and other credit product decisions. Depending on client needs, Preiss&Associates is helping financial institutions monitor their credit portfolios on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis to:

  • verify credit and pricing decisions in exception files;
  • ensure consistency of credit and pricing decisions within and across operating entities;
  • minimize regulatory risks.

In addition to supporting financial institutions, Preiss&Associates is often engaged by legal firms to provide expert statistical analyses used in litigation.

We have experience in our field of practice that is unsurpassed by firms many times our size. Preiss&Associates does not offer a wide range of products and services; however, those we choose to provide for our clients are exemplary and cost effective. Please call to discuss how we can be helpful to you.


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